Day 2 – Getting together and sharing ideas

13 July 2023

On the second day of our Consortium Meeting we met at 9am and focused first on WP4 Technologies upscale and validation at TRL 4/5. We were delighted to have Maria Sontenko and Kostantin Loponov (Novatica), Kevin Léonard and Camille Malterre (Celabor), Gianluca Bleve (ISPA) and Albert Pigpinós (Carinsa) join us to share their expertise.

The session was filled with fascinating insights into the technologies they use and the impressive results they have already achieved. From cutting-edge developments to innovative approaches, they left us inspired and eager to explore the possibilities.

After a short coffee break, we spent the next two hours on WP7 Communication, Dissemination and Innovation Outreach. Svenja Klinz (EPC gGmbH) presented the current data of the Communication and Dissemination Plan Update 2, a deliverable of the month May 2023. Marge Vaikjärv (Civitta) then organised an exploitation seminar to gather ideas on how to disseminate our results to the different target groups. The discussions were extremely productive and helped us gain valuable momentum for the future of the project.

After a well-deserved lunch break to recharge our batteries, we continued our work with WP5 Characterisation of the bio-ingredients activities for their use in pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals and functional food products.

PHENOLEXA Consortium Meeting in Bari – Day 2

We were honoured to be enlightened on the characterisation of the activities of bio-ingredients by experts such as Antonella Garbetta & Isabella D’Antuono & Loris Pinto & Federico Baruzzi (ISPA), Małgorzata Maj (NCU), Laura Pablos López (Cartif) and Mateusz Guz (Novatica). Their knowledge and research demonstrated the potential of these ingredients in pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and cosmoceuticals.

We can’t wait to use this information to develop innovative products.

The intensive eight hours flew by with a consistently positive and productive working atmosphere. Our team members brought their expertise and commitment to make the most of each work package and add value to the overall project.

After a challenging but extremely fulfilling day, we were all quite exhausted and looking forward to finally getting some well-deserved rest to prepare for the last day of our meeting. In the evening, ISPA organised a social dinner where we met in a cosy restaurant and exchanged ideas over good food and great conversation.

The evening was also an opportunity to share new ideas and perspectives that might not have come up in the formal setting of the meeting. The relaxed atmosphere encouraged open dialogue and creative discussions about possible solutions and innovative approaches. The relaxed atmosphere allowed us to get to know each other on a personal level. We got to know each other better not only as professionals but also as people, which further strengthened the bond within the team.

After a successful dinner and inspiring conversations, we finally said goodbye to each other to rest and prepare for the last day of the meeting. We were grateful for the opportunity to be together and the positive energy it gave us as we approached the end of the meeting.

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