PHENOLEXA is one of the “game-cards” of the BioBeo project festival education programme about sustainable bioeconomy

BioBeo project festival 2024


PHENOLEXA is excited to participate in the BioBeo project festival 2024 and their latest educational initiative, aimed at enhancing societal understanding of sustainability and the bioeconomy. The BioBeo Project focuses on five thematic areas: interconnectedness, outdoor learning, forestry, aquatic life, and the food cycle, promoting a comprehensive educational approach.

Through collaboration with European educators and stakeholders, BioBeo seeks to improve the integration of bio-science into school curriculums, fostering circular lifestyles and behaviors. This aligns with our commitment at PHENOLEXA to support education that encourages active participation in bioeconomy policy.

We are especially enthusiastic about joining the “game cards” activity during the BioBeo event, which represents an innovative tool for engagement and learning in these critical areas.

For more insights into our role in this event and the BioBeo project click here.

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