Circlar Design (CiD) joins the PHENOLEXA project as the 13th partner

Circlar Design (CiD) joins the PHENOLEXA project as the 13th partner


PHENOLEXA is pleased to announce a new partnership with Circular Design, supported by the Erasmus+ Innovation Alliance 2023-26. Circular Design aims a new approach to integrating design with circularity and urban transformation. It focuses on shifting design practices in urban design, architecture, product and service design towards carbon neutrality and enhancing bio-based innovations. The initiative operates in circular design, developing an innovation ecosystem. Also they’re promoting educational innovation across academia and green contents. Circular Design aims to establish a circular economy, contributing to sustainable, inclusive and affordable urban development. Key activities include the creation of observatories at local and Europe-wide levels to combine education and research with economic environments. This partnership offers opportunities for involvement of the PHENOLEXA project in educational programs, events, and a network supporting Circular Design’s innovations.

For more information on our partnership and Circular Design’s activities, visit their website and Instagram page:


Instagram: @cid.innovationalliance

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