EPC was hosting the PHENOLEXA Consortium Meeting in Berlin

EPC was hosting the PHENOLEXA Consortium Meeting in Berlin

08 January 2024

On the 12th and 13th of December we met in person for the fourth time for our consortium meeting. This time the meeting took place in Berlin and was organised by EPC.

During the meeting in Berlin we were able not only to look back on the progress of the past year, but also to plan the next steps for the last six months of the project. The presentations covered a wide range of topics, including milestones achieved, challenges overcome and future goals. The lively participation of all consortium members was particularly pleasing and led to fruitful discussions. The different perspectives helped to develop innovative solutions and identify potential hurdles at an early stage. An important aspect that emerged from the meeting was the importance of effective collaboration over the remaining months. The teams need to work closely together to ensure that all work packages are completed successfully and on time.

In Berlin, we not only worked intensively on project issues, but also took the opportunity to strengthen team dynamics. Joint activities outside the formal setting, such as a visit to a Christmas market and a dinner together, encouraged informal dialogue and helped to deepen personal relationships between team members.

We are now approaching the final months of the project with a strengthened team spirit and clear perspectives. We are confident that we will achieve the goals we have set ourselves and are looking forward to the joint endeavours that lie ahead.

EPC was hosting the PHENOLEXA Consortium Meeting in Berlin

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