Day 3 – ONFOODS and FoodSecurity4EU visited us!

PHENOLEXA Consortium Meeting in Bari – Day 3

17 July 2023

The third and final day of our consortium meeting started with a pleasant surprise. We had the pleasure of welcoming guests Veronica Lattanzio, Nunzia Cito and Antonio Logrieco (ISPA), who attended our event and presented their projects ONFOODS and FoodSecurity4EU. Both projects aroused a lot of interest in the audience, as they pursue innovative approaches and solutions in the field of food security and food technology.

During the presentations we could see many synergies between PHENOLEXA and the two projects. It was clear that close collaboration and sharing of knowledge and resources would be beneficial. We therefore decided to include ONFOODS as a sister project and FS4EU as a collaborative project in our network.

After a short coffee break, Marge Vaikjärv (Civitta) introduced a session in which she gave us a comprehensive overview of the current state of project management, highlighting upcoming deadlines and milestones. Her presentation was informative and helped us keep track of our progress and plan our tasks effectively.

Together we discussed in detail the objectives and the way forward for individual tasks from the different work packages. His valuable insights and advice helped us to refine our strategies and ensure that we could achieve the best possible results.

Before the lunch break we had a productive plenary discussion. This gave us the opportunity to clarify outstanding issues, identify challenges and brainstorm solutions together. The discussion encouraged the exchange of ideas and different perspectives, leading to new insights and approaches for action. Spontaneously, we had the opportunity to visit the ISPA laboratories. The ISPA staff gave us a guided tour and patiently answered all our questions.

PHENOLEXA Consortium Meeting in Bari – Day 3

Finally, at 2 pm, our consortium meeting ended with a light lunch where we all sat down together to celebrate the end of the meeting. It was a moment of recognition for all the hard work that each team member had put in. We were impressed with the results we had achieved together and looked forward to the next steps in our collaboration.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to the entire ISPA team. We were very impressed with the professional organisation of the meeting and the warm support we received throughout our stay. Without your support and commitment, the meeting would not have been as successful as it was. We appreciate your hard work and look forward to working with you in the future. Our next consortium meeting will be hosted by EPC gGmbH in Berlin in December.

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