15 members of the newly appointed CBE JU’s Scientific Committee held their first meeting today to elect the advisory body’s Chair and Vice-Chair and agree on the rules of procedure.

First Meeting of CBE JU’s Scientific Committee

31 March 2022

Today’s election for the Scientific Committee resulted in: ‘I warmly congratulate Dr Vieira and Dr Morone on taking up these new roles. The Scientific Committee is crucial in ensuring that strategic decisions about CBE JU are made based on sound and up-to-date scientific knowledge,’ – by CBE JU Executive Director Philippe Menga

Dr Helena Vieira was elected Chair and Dr. Piergiuseppe Morone Vice-Chair of the Scientific Committee for a term of two years.

The Scientific Committee consists of a well-balanced group of world-known experts. Its 15 members come from Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, the Netherlands and Spain. 47% of the 15 members are women. Collectively, all members demonstrate strong expertise and competence to make science-based recommendations to the CBE JU. They are appointed by the CBE JU’s Governing Board based on their qualifications and do not represent any country or entity.

Role of the Scientific Committee: The Scientific Committee is one of the advisory bodies of CBE JU. It’s providing scientific advice and recommendations on the operations and programme implementation of CBE JU. That’s for key strategic and programming documents, e.g. the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda, annual work plans and annual activity reports.

With the Scientific Committee as the advisor there is the key to achieve a successful CBE JU programme implementation.

Furthermore, the Scientific Committee also act as CBE JU ambassadors. They help to increase the visibility of the programme within the scientific community. And also, to reach out to key bioeconomy actors across and beyond the EU.

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