Today the first project video about the research of the PHENOLEXA project is released

31 May 2022

PHENOLEXA’s first project video is finally online!

Want to know what PHENOLEXA stands for? The name is an acronym for: “Benign cascade extractive biorefinery for converting agri-food side streams into high-value polyphenolic bioactives and functional fibres for pharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals and food products“ (Grant Agreement no. 101023225).

The name says it all: PHENOLEXA develops a benign, efficient, and environmentally friendly biorefinery process to fully exploit high-value bioactive compounds, by benign extraction, by using novel green solvents and subcritical water, by maximising efficiency, by preserving desired qualities of polyphenols, and by developing different final product prototypes.

Watch our first video to find out much more about our underexplored feedstocks and how PHENOLEXA finds innovative ways to use these to their maximum potential and value!

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