PHENOLEXA partners with project FS4EU and ONFOODS

o9 April 2023

Welcome to our new sister project FS4EU and for the first time in PHENOLEXA’s history, our collaboration project ONFOODS!


Both projects are interesting and important in their own way to contribute to a sustainable future and therefore align very well with us in the PHENOLEXA-team.

ONFOODS is about the circular economy, more specifically the sustainable design of the food and nutrition sector. The project is funded by the Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) and is part of the EU’s Next Generation programme. It brings together 26 organisations at the forefront of scientific research and sustainable innovation in food systems. They want to find out how to improve complex food systems and at the same time improve people’s health and livelihoods. ONFOODS is therefore very important in making the whole food systems sector more sustainable, just as PHENOLEXA is investigating sustainable solutions for biowaste production and biorefineries. We are therefore very happy to enter this collaboration with ONFOODS, as we can certainly learn a lot from each other.

FS4EU on the other hand deals with the design of future food safety systems. It is a Community Initiative supported by the European Commission (EC). Over a period of three years, they will try to find innovative solutions for the adaptation and interaction of research and policy to support the EC in improving food safety in Europe in a sustainable way. Specifically, they will design a multi-stakeholder platform and new digital tools that will connect people from all sectors (e.g. citizens, scientists, European Commission) and lead to everyone being able to participate in Europe’s future food safety system.

Follow the links for an introduction to the two projects, their aims and approaches, and a short summary of the key facts of both projects.

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