PHENOLEXA project partner Dr Andrei Malkov attends chemistry conference “New Emerging Trends in Chemistry” in Yerevan

PHENOLEXA at “New Emerging Trends in Chemistry"

20 November 2023

We are pleased to announce that Dr Andrei Malkov, a member of the PHENOLEXA project team from Loughborough University, recently attended the “New Emerging Trends in Chemistry” conference in Yerevan, Armenia. This major event, which took place from 24-28 September, celebrated the 90th anniversary of the Chemistry Department of Yerevan State University and the 80th anniversary of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia.

The conference aimed to bring together leading researchers from different areas of chemistry, fostering an environment of discussion and potential future collaborations.

This is in line with the objectives of the PHENOLEXA project to pioneer research and innovation in the field, so it was great that we were able to attend this event.

For more information about the conference please follow this link.

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